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First paper published

My first paper was published on March,12 2015 in the Italian magazine Tafter Journal.

It's an interesting article about cultural intelligence and cultural and creative industries, called "Cultural intelligence and internationalization: An approach to cultural and creative organizations".

You can read it here.

Second paper in progress

After my first descriptive paper, I wanted to organize, develop and implement a research, analyzing some results from a real dataset, so a new paper called "Cultural intelligence and the management of cultural diversity in organizations" is now in progress.

After a first quantitative and qualitative analysis, and some interesting results, the research is now looking for a wider dataset.

CQ Assessment is available here. Feel free to assess your own CQ. You will get the your own results, the relative position inside the dataset and the final paper, when available.

More details about my research in this page.

Paper presented in a workshop

The paper was presented on April, 9 2015, as delegate, in the workshop "Intercultural Communications in a Global Age: Political, media, and cultural challenges and tensions", organized in the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen (Netherlands).